Zocalo Data Systems Overview

Zocalo Data Systems (ZDS) is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializing in the data security and disaster recovery markets. We provide best-of-breed products and services for securing your networks, personal computers, data and email.

Whether you need occasional expert advice, or a full service on-call administrator, ZDS has a service plan that can fit the needs of your company and budget.

ZDS has been locally owned and operated in the Grand Rapids area since its establishment in 2004. We have over 20 years experience in the security field, and regularly add new consultants and technology to stay at the cutting-edge of the security market.

How Can ZDS Help Me?

ZDS helps your organization increase the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of your network and data. Do you have the desire to implement an anti-virus policy, a stronger network perimeter, a better backup or disaster recovery plan, but are not sure where to start or if you can manage it?

ZDS has experts that will take you through the entire process and build a program customized for your needs.

A team of professionals will manage your services and be available to attend to any questions or concerns whenever they arise.

Zocalo Data Systems can help you

Why Zocalo Data Systems?

ZDS provides investment-smart advice to our clients in the West Michigan area. We provide a combination of expert technical knowledge balances with a sound business strategy.

Our security experts provide a custom solution by taking the time to learn the needs and priorities of your business before any recommendations are made.

Being a local company with over 20 years of security expertise, you always have direct access to an expert to address any questions and help with any concerns.


By investing in a Managed Services plan, businesses are maximizing their ability to keep their network systems secure. By turning the responsibility, and the risks, for assurance of system performance and security management to an outsourced service provider, businesses are assured of a systematic process for providing services more efficiently than if our clients were to provide these services themselves.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

One UTM appliance secures your entire network from intrusions, viruses and spam as well as providing a single management platform for local and remote users.

A VPN allows remote users to access your corporate network through a secure encrypted connection. Your users will be able to access all of the network services from home or on the road as easily as if they were at the office.

Unlike traditional virus protection that blocks viruses once they get to your computer, a UTM device blocks viruses before they even enter your network, giving you an added layer of security.

Increase employee productivity by limiting instant messaging, file sharing, streaming media and web surfing.

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The Reality Of Data Breaches

In past years, hacking was the leading cause of data breaches, followed by human error. These reported breaches resulted in millions of records being compromised. The true number of breaches are unknown, since a large percentage are never reported.

The majority of these losses could have been prevented if the company had adequate network security in place.

What Are My Risks?

The number of data breaches rises significantly every year, which compromise the private records of millions of Americans.

Computer crime against small and medium-sized businesses is understated and under-realized. As a result of increasing attacks, it is important for all businesses to know and fully understand the proper steps and procedures for preventing a data breach.

The profitable data theft market is now estimated to be over one trillion dollars annually. Nearly all business are vulnerable to identity-related frauds.

Services and Benefits


Cost Savings

Avoid costly infrastructure investments by utilizing agentless software and unified hardware appliances. Lower your Total Cost of Ownership with ZDS leasing options.

Easy Management

Reduce the complexity of managing different appliances and software packages by using a single product from a single vendor. Remote monitoring reduces the demands on your IT staff, while immediately alerting them if an issue arises.

Reduce Training

Eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming training by reducing the number of products your IT staff needs to learn.

Decrease Liability

Decrease libelous internet activity and objectionable content by utilizing a web content filtering solution.

Increase Compliance

Increase compliance by using solutions that meet the identity-based security requirements of HIPPA, GLBA, PCI, FISMA, CIPA and SOX regulations.

Optimize productivity

Optimize employee productivity by having the control needed to enforce internet usage policies.

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